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Compact cylinder with integrated valve - Series CCIV

How many times would we have liked to have a pneumatic actuator complete with a control system, so that we would simply need to connect a compressed air hose and a power cable to control the movement of the piston rod? The new CCIV Series, Compact Cylinder with Integrated Valve, meets this need.

With the CCIV Series you:

  • save time, as it is enough to order only one code, instead of 10-12 ones (cylinder, valve, fittings, pipes, silencers, MRF, ...).
  • save money, because you avoid the preparation and assembly of 10-12 components.
  • save energy, as the lack of the connecting pipes between the valve and the cylinder avoids the waste of compressed air.

The range we introduce today includes double-acting cylinders Ø20, 25, 32 and 40.


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