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Range widening: Valves Series 70 for Low Temperature (LT)

The family of Valves Series 70 is now expanding with the introduction of the new version for Low Temperature (LT) suitable for use in environments that reach up to -40°C.

The valves belonging to this new range, which includes the most frequently used types and sizes, come from the standard Series with the introduction of some significant technical features that distinguish them.

First of all, the main technopolymer components are replaced by metal elements, moreover giving the product a particularly solid structure, also suitable for use in heavy duty environments.

Secondly, all the gaskets are made with compounds specially designed to work even at low temperatures.

Finally, the lubricant used allows to maintain a good fluidity even in extreme situations.

All valves Series 70 LT are easily identified by the lasered snowflake logo on the main body.

However, we remind you that - to guarantee the proper operation of our components - it is essential that the air conditions are such as to avoid ice formation inside the product.


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